Vlerick Business School has been delivering degree programmes since 1959, and has more than 20,000 graduates in over 100 countries worldwide. We strive to be perceived as the leading business school in the heart of Europe, clearly recognised for an education which is academically sound, fosters an international mind-set, addresses leading-edge managerial issues and develops an entrepreneurial attitude.

Our one-year Masters programmes are designed to help young graduates bridge theory and practice through our action-learning approach. This includes several business simulations as well as hands-on projects with real-life company cases. Furthermore, we will prepare you for the ever-changing business world, and ensure you have all the tools and personal skills to embrace new opportunities as future business leaders. We offer a set of coaching sessions, workshops and seminar to develop your soft skills and get you ready for your dream job.

Programme Info

Subjects of Masters Study:
Example: Master in General management, International Management & Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Financial Management
Courses held in: English
Length of Courses: 10 months
Starting Dates: September
Application Deadlines: non-EU applicants: April  - EU applicants: August
International Exchanges: International study trip
Internships: Example: Yes (Consultancy project within a company)

Student Body

Average Class Size: Example: 45
Percentage of International Students: 25%


To join our programme, we require a 4-year undergraduate degree. For candidates studying outside of Belgium, you can also hold a 3 or 4-year Bachelors’ degree from a recognized institution. Depending on the type of Bachelors’ degree, there may be additional requirements such as work experience, other (academic) qualifications or additional tests.

Regarding the Admissions test, you can either join our admissions test on campus or via skype (VBAT) and take our in-house analytical test as well as the personal interview. Alternatively, you can also send in the necessary documents (GMAT/GRE and English proficiency test) and just have the personal interview via skype. The first step would be to start your application on apply.vlerick.com.


Application fee: 50€
Tuition fees (the currency is given according to the country where the school is based):
Example: 15,500 €

This includes: tuition, textbooks, the residential opening seminar, company visits and the international study trip to London (MFM), Dublin (M3), and Berlin (MGM). To cover the extended international trip, students on the MIMS programme will pay an additional €3,500 (excl. flight to China) and students on the MIE programme will pay an additional €1,500 (excl. flight to Silicon Valley) on top of the standard tuition fee. Please note that travel costs within Belgium or abroad for non-mandatory modules are not included.

Estimate for accommodation/living costs, insurance: Example: 900€/month


Please contact our Masters programme advisor: Sara Teuwen via mail to masters@vlerick.com or call +32 9 210 92 35.

Website: www.vlerick.com/masters